To all who shall see these present letters, greeting...

To all who shall see these present letters, greeting...

Since some years I have collected many informations about the buccaneers, privateers and pirates of the Caribbean in the second part of the XVIIth Century. I will judge myself a selfish person if I had not found the means of informing the result of my modest researches to all those who, like me, are interested in this subject. The best mean I found was this Web site, which I christened "Le Diable Volant", from the ship's name of one of these searovers.

Le Diable Volant doesn't mean to tell all about the buccaneers, etc. But it contains many informations which you will not find, at my knowledge, nowhere else on the Web. It doesn't mean neither to be free of inaccuracies of fact, attribution or interpretation, even if I have used, as sources, the books and articles of serious persons and, when I could, documents from archives. From that, the second reason of Le Diable Volant's beeing: to submit my knowledge and work to your criticism.

The most part of Le Diable Volant are texts about the history and customs of Buccaneers, etc. Inside, you will find also short biographies and pieces of record offices. By personal interest, I have limited myself to the year 1648 until the year 1688, period I name in French "la Grande Flibuste", which is mainly marked by the Buccaneers' expeditions against the Spanish colonies in America.

Be aware also that the most part of Le Diable Volant is in French. I'm very sorry. But, as you can see, my English is not very good. And it will take too much times to translate correctly all these pages. Nevertheless, I had written, in my sorry English, a short description of the contents of each section and text. Thus, if you are interested by the contents of a text, contact me: whether I will give you english sources in which you will find yourself the same contents; or, if you can't find theses sources, I will copy a part of them; or at last I will try to translate my text for you. About this very last point, I will translate, on demand, any of the Privateer's Biographies, mainly because these are short texts.

Don't hesitate to contact me for any question, comment or suggestion. I will credit you for any new information or any correction made from new information in my page Acknowledgement.

Your most obediant and dutiful servant,

Raynald Laprise.